High-End Features @ Budget Price




High-speed printing of 130 ppm

The CV series provides high-speed printing of up to 130 ppm which means you can print 500 pages in just less than 4 minutes.

Excellent Print Quality

High-quality printing is achieved by using a higher-resolution thermal head which is normally employed in higher models. The new light source delivers improved color reproductibility & also the tonality and resolution have been improved, thanks to the enhanced error-diffusion processing.


Savings in print costs

The CV series makes prints from a master. As a result, the more pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print, making it highly economical for medium to high volume printing.

High Paper Capacity

The paper trays have a capacity of approx. 1000 sheets for feeding and approx. 800 sheets for receiving, which ensures uninterrupted printing over a longer period.

Note: The paper capacity depends on paper type.Adequate paper capacity

Direct printing with Pendrive

You can print directly from the data saved in a USB flash drive. This is convenient when the machine is not connected to a PC or network. Also, printing directly from Computer ensures better printing quality.

Direct printing with a USB flash drive

Easy access to the print drum

Changing ink color is simple yet effective to emphasize the original. The design allows quick and easy removal and replacement of the print drum. This helps minimize interruption at busy times.

Easy access to the print drum

Auto Document Feeder (ADF)

Automatic Document Feed allows you to load up to 10 sheets for scanning & printing, hence allowing you to do other jobs while machine does the printing

Note: The paper capacity depends on paper type.

Auto Document Feeder (ADF)

Easy-to-operate LCD panel

The 128 x 64 dot LCD panel is clearer to view and easier to operate than ever before.


Compact & Ergonomic Design

Intuitive operation
The new operation panel is designed for
intuitive operation, making it user-friendly.
The left-to-right keyboard layout provides
fluent operation; for initial setting, master-making and printing.

New design, smooth lines and a compact body result in reduced size and bulk, to fit in even a limited space.