bizhub 306/266


Product Highlights

Output Size:


Output Type:


Product Highlights

Print Volume:


Recommended Uses

Low and Medium Work-groups


Flexibly Respond to Mobile Connectivity


PageScope Mobile support

PageScope Mobile (PSM) is Konica Minolta genuine app made for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The app enables printing from Konica Minolta MFPs thru mobile devices and allow uploading scanned data to Mobile devices from Konica Minolta MFPs.


Enhanced Network Connectivity


Standard network connectivity and wireless options

The bizhub 306/266 is equipped with NIC (Network Interface Card) as standard accessory.
If the Wireless LAN Kit UK-213 (optional) is installed, using a wireless router, printing is possible without a LAN cable connection.

<Wireless LAN Speci cation>
Optional :Wireless LAN [UK-213]
Connection IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Web Connection ○ (Network connection)
Scan TWAIN ○ (Network connection)
Fax* Internet Fax
PC Fax

* Fax Kit (FK-510) & Optional Panel (MK-750) are required.

Easy to Operate MFP Panel


Option Panel (MK-750)

MK-750 is required with the installation of Fax Kit FK-510.


LCD display language support

The display languages can now be selected from 26 languages.



High-resolution backlit LCD screen:

A five-line display screen to enhance MFP operation. The backlit screen makes the display clearly visible even in dark places.



ID copy function key can immediately perform copy for both sides of any ID card



Better operability to switch the basic functions:

Basic functions such as Print, Scan and Copy are all at one place that can be accessed with one key press for smoother operation.


Convenient Print & Scan Features


USB direct print & scan

Connect USB memory to print data directly or save scanned data to the USB memory

<Printing procedure>
Connect the USB memory to the MFP and on the LCD specify the file you want to print.
Supported file formats are JPEG/TIFF (standard) or PDF (optional).

*1Up to 4GB USB memory is recommended.

*2PDF Direct Print Kit (UK-108) or PCL/PDF Direct Print Combo Kit (IC-211) is required.



Scan to different destinations

The scanned files can be saved directly to USB memory, or sent to different destination such as E-mail,SMB or FTP. The supported scan formats are TIFF,PDF and JPEG.



Linux Support : Output from Linux is available

<Supported Linux OS>

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) ×86
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (CUPS Ver1.2.4) AMD64/Intel64 SUSE Linux
  • Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23) ×86
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11(CUPS Ver1.1.23), AMD64/ Intel64

Variety of Convenient Basic Features


Outer Erase (Sky Shot): To improve thick book copy quality & save toner

When turned on, it detects original document area and shadow area is trimmed automatically. The feature is particularly useful when copying from a thick book.



N-up Print(2in1, 4in1)

Combines multi-page document to print on one sheet for e.g. 2in1 prints 2 pages while 4in1 prints 4 pages on 1 sheet.



ID Copy: The button on the panel to instantly get copy of ID from both sides

When pressed it can print small and irregular shaped documents such as employee ID or license with front & back sides on one sheet.



Duplex Print or Copy

Auto Duplex Unit as standard feature enables double-sided printing, helping to save paper. Optional Reverse Automatic Document Feeder (DF-625) enables duplex scan to increase work efficiency.


Cost and Environmental Friendliness are Always the First Priority


Eliminate toner waste : Toner Loop Mechanism



Suppress CO2 emissions : Simitri toner with biomas



Environmental certification : The Blue Angel compliance

bizhub 306 Series meets the criteria of current Blue Angel (RAL-UZ171) certification.


Advanced Security Features to Protect Valuable Information


SMTP Authentication : For companies that use public email services

Support for SMTP authentication allows use of E-mail services provided by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), so there is no need for the company to invest in its own E-mail server and domain. The sender can send E-mail with peace of mind because communication uses SSL.



Water Mark: Manage the confidential documents of the organization with signatures

Different types of Watermarks can be added on the documents based on the purpose or importance level of documents.



Secure Print : To secure print with password

The MFP will not print until the correct password is inserted even though the print job is executed.



Account Track : For better user management

The MFP can be set to request a 3-digit account number to use the Copy feature. To restrict users who are not authorized to use the MFP. Also, numbers of copies made under each account can be tracked.

  • B&W A3
  • RADF 46opm
  • RADF 20opm
  • Network Interface Card
  • Auto Duplex Unit
  • PCL Controller with NIC
  • Scan to USB
  • Print from USB
  • Wireless LAN Support
  • Internet Fax
  • Fax

Additional information


Desktop Monochrome A3 Multi-functional Printer

Type of Originals

Sheet, book, three-dimensional objects (max. 2 kg)

Max. Original Size

A3 or Ledger (11″ × 17″)

Output Size

Main unit: A3 to A5, 11″ × 17″ to 8-1/2″ × 11″, 5-1/2″ × 8-1/2″, 8″ × 13″*1, 16K, 8K

Bypass Tray: A3 to A5, B6*2, A6*2, 11″ × 17″ to 5-1/2″ × 8-1/2″, 8″ × 13″ *2, 16K, 8K, Postcard (A6 (4″ × 6″ Card)),
Envelope*3, Label sheet, Tab paper

Input Paper Capacity

Tray 1 : Plain paper/Recycle paper: 250 sheets
Thick paper: 20 sheets Envelopes: 10 sheets
OHP: 10 sheets

Max: 4 trays

Multi bypass tray : Plain paper/Recycle paper: 100 sheets
Thick paper: 20 sheets Envelopes: 10 sheets
OHP: 10 sheets

Paper Weight

Tray 1 / 2 : 60 to 220 g/m2

Multiple Bypass Tray : 60 to 220 g/m2

Warm-up time (73.4°F (23°C), std. oltage)

within 15 sec.

Copy Speed

A4 landscape,
B5 portrait : 306 : 30 sheets/min.
266 : 26 sheets/min.
B4 : 306 : 12 sheets/min.
266 : 12 sheets/min.
A3 : 306 : 11 sheets/min.
266 : 11 sheets/min.


600 dpi × 600 dpi

Multiple Copy

1-999 pages


Fixed Same Magnification : 1: 1±0.5% or less
Scaling Up: 1: 1.154/1.224/1.414/2.000
Scaling Down: 1: 0.866/0.816/0.707/0.500
Preset: 3 types
Zoom: 25 to 400% (in 0.1% increments)
Lengthwise Crosswise Individual Settings: 25 to 400% (in 0.1% increments)

Exposure Modes

Text Mode / Photo Mode / Auto Mode

Power Requirement

AC230 V 7 A (50 to 60 Hz)

Power Consumption

1.55 kW or less

Dimensions (W×D×H)

627 × 570 × 458* mm
* To the face of platen glass
627 × 570 × 488** mm
** To the top of original cover


Approx. 30.8 kg (excluding TC/Developer)

Space Requirements [W] × [D]*8

Standard con guration: 570 × 570 mm
With bypass tray: 928 × 570 mm
Max required space incl. maintenance space: 999 × 971 mm